2475 W. 26th Ave

Denver, CO 80211


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Support Needed for 2021 Lodge Improvement Projects: 

How you can help:

  • Skilled Members Needed: electricians, carpenters, painters,

  • HVAC, wood workers, contractors, plumbers 

  • please email Jim Wolf.

Projects for 2022 are now ongoing and include: 

  • Paint and update Billiards Room – DONE

  • Paint Club Room and Dance Floor – DONE

  • Repair and re-felt the pool table – DONE

  • Beer Garden add permanent outdoor seating – DONE

  • Beer Garden add turf on ground – DONE

  • Beer Garden add serving bar – DONE

  • Beer Garden add outdoor ambient lighting – DONE

  • Beer Garden add safety barrier – DONE

  • Beer Garden add outdoor serving grilling station – DONE

  • Update the Women’s and Men’s bathrooms – DONE

  • Add more bar height seating in Club Room – DONE

  • Display art and history in Billiards and Club Room – DONE

  • Lodge Kitchen modernize safety features – in progress

  • Lodge Kitchen repair walk in freezer getting quotes

  • Polish original wood work in Club Room – awaiting volunteer support 

  • Update Lighting and fans in Club Room – in progress

  • Update temperature control in Club Room getting quotes

  • Paint ceiling in Club Room and Dance Floor – need volunteers

  • Re-carpet Lodge entry way, Club Room and Billiards Room getting quotes

  • Add working, lighted disco ball and LED lighting to Dance Floor – DONE

  • Upgrade and increase number of beer taps installed March 1st

  • Replace hot water heater in west wing – DONE

  • Build barrier fence around AC units behind building – DONE

  • Secure liquor behind bar, upgrade locks – DONE

  • Upgrade building security and install key pads in place of card buzzer – awaiting installation

  • Remove portion of wall in club room dance floor getting quotes